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Introduction of PC 903 “A” Ventilator: PC 903 Ventilator is a Volume & Pressure Controlled Ventilator with 12 different modes of ventilation to treat the patient suffering from various lung diseases. The CPAP Plus PS mode can be used invasively as well as non invasively & can provide High Flow N CPAP. “Shreeyash PC 903 “A” is a Volume/Pressure controlled the ventilator is intended for Adult & Pediatric use. A Seven inches Touch screen is provided that indicates various settings, alarms & other related parameters. It indicates the ongoing mode of ventilation. It also indicates the Pressure v/s Time, Volume v/s Time, Flow v/s Time & Pressure v/s Volume graphs. It simultaneously displays parameters like the Inspiration Time, Respiratory Rate, Delivered Oxygen Percentage, Set & Delivered Tidal Volume, Delivered & set Pressure, PEEP & various other important parameters are of atmost importance to the clinician.

Special Functions :

  • Auto Mode provided in this The ventilator will be of utmost help to the clinician & attending staff which ensures safe Ventilation of the Patient.
  • CPAP plus pressure support. This specialty model puts the ventilator in the category of the most updated ventilators & is a boon for the patients with “FLAIL” Chest.
  • SIMV Plus Pressure support.
  • HelpLine facility that guides the user regarding various settings in various diseases.

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